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Came home, plugged in and still no sound. I know that I can plug a headphone cable into the headphone jack and hook it into my sound system and get sound that way.

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But that's an analog signal. I really want a digital signal and I want it to come out of one cable.

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  8. Please help! It worked! Cheers everyone. Sorry if you now have an 'extra' HDMI cable but it seems to be 'pot luck' with cables, which is hard to understand but I now 'trust my Mac' and blame accessories: Easiest thing to do is clamshell the device. In order to just display the image on the external monitor you need to connect a mouse or keyboard to wake the system up and you have to be plugged into power supply.

    How to Connect a Mac to a TV with HDMI for Full Audio & Video Support

    If you go into the mouse settings you can choose to allow it to wake the system up. From there you can close, plug in, and click the mouse and it should now display on the external mon. Hi, I was looking through solution for same problem. Anyway, I stumbled across Utilities then went to Audio mini set up. HDMI should be highlighted. Careful not to put full volume on your tv or that can give you a heart attack.

    MacBook pro to TV via HDMI = No sound | Mac Forums

    I almost dropped my Mac when it came on suddenly as I was playing something loud in youtube in the background. Doing this shows options for selecting an output device, as well as an input device, and if you have both an HDMI device connected, as well as headphones or speakers, you should see both of them in the output device list. This is done with the following steps:. Step 1: Step 2: A blue check mark means the option is turned on.

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    If using an adapter, check the specifications of the adapter to learn about supported resolutions and other details. If the video on your HDTV or display extends beyond the borders of the screen, open Displays preferences and adjust the Underscan slider for a better fit. Use any of these methods to open Displays preferences:.

    HDMI laptop to TV no sound

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